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Diagnostic Tests

Reproductive Diagnostics

At ICSB Florida, our goal is to help your canine have a successful pregnancy and delivery. Thanks to modern diagnostics and our on-site laboratory, we're able to do just that.

Diagnostic imaging and testing allow us to examine your pet’s internal organs and body systems to ensure good health and delivery. From ultrasounds and radiographs to determine pregnancy and pup count to Brucellosis and progesterone testing to determine disease and improve conception.

Learn more about our reproductive diagnostic services here:

Dog Diagnosis

Brucellosis Testing

A leading cause of infertility.

Quantitative Progesterone Testing

Improve conception rates

Pregnancy Ultrasound

Performed by 28 to 32 days post-ovulation.

Digital Radiography for Puppy Counts

Confirm pregnancy & puppy count.

Please call us today at (863) 956-5700 to learn more about our Diagnostic Services.