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Breeding Examinations

Answers to all your questions

Breeding exams are available at ICSB Florida. This allows you to meet with the veterinarian and discuss any questions you may have. It also allows for a full exam to be done prior to breeding to make sure that the bitch is healthy enough to be bred and carry a litter.

Breeding Requirements:

  • Must be 18 months of age (Proof of age must be provided)
  • There will be one pre-breeding exam required at your first appointment to ensure your pet is in good physical health prior to being bred. This is required at each heat cycle, if you are planning to breed.
  • We will only assist in same breed breedings.
  • Proof of previous vaccinations (Da2pp & Rabies) GIVEN BY A LICENSED VETERINARIAN.
  • An up to date Rabies vaccine, up to date Da2pp GIVEN BY A LICENSED VETERINARIAN. We can update vaccines at the time if your breeding exam, if needed.
  • A negative Heartworm Test within 6 months is Required.

Board for Breeding Requirements (in addition to Breeding Requirements):

  • Board for breeding dogs (male or female) with previous vaccine history that IS NOT current, must have vaccines updated ATLEAST 3-4 weeks prior to boarding.
  • DA2PP, Bordetella and Rabies are required for boarding.

*We do not accept vaccinations given at home/by owners.*

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (863) 956-5700.

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