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Artificial & Surgical Inseminations

When planning to breed your bitch, there are certain factors that have to be determined prior to the date of insemination such as method of breeding and type of semen being used. It is crucial to obtain this information when planning the breeding as the ovulation day and insemination day may come sooner than anticipated! 

Surgical Inseminations

Surgical inseminations are a method of breeding that can be performed with fresh, chilled, or frozen semen. This procedure, performed by one of our skilled and experienced veterinarians, involves making a small incision into the abdomen in order to localize the uterus to be able to inject the semen into each uterine horn. This procedure allows the sperm cell to have a higher chance of fertilizing the egg and thus increasing the chance of pregnancy. 

In order to perform a surgical insemination, we require proof of known ovulation date through progesterone testing. 

Vaginal Insemination (AI)

Vaginal inseminations can be done using fresh or chilled semen. The bitch’s back legs are placed on a step elevating her back end. Using an AI rod and syringe, semen is then deposited within the vagina near the cervix. This method of insemination simulates natural breeding and can be used as an option when natural breeding is not possible. It is highly recommended that two (2) inseminations are performed when using this method of breeding. 

Due to its lower viability, frozen semen is not recommended to be used with this breeding method.

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