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DNA Testing


Since 1998, The American Kennel Club (AKC) has been building a database of canine DNA for parentage verification and genetic identity purposes. This comprehensive set of voluntary and mandatory programs are established to ensure the integrity of the AKC registry. In order to use sires for more than 3 litters a year, import breeding stocks, use fresh-extended or frozen semen, and have a multiple-sired litter registration, an AKC DNA Profiling is required. 

Testing kits are available for purchase at our ICSB facility or in our mobile unit during shows. DNA sampling is performed by simply collecting a sample via a swab of the cheek. After the sample is processed by the AKC, the DNA profile is mailed directly to the owner. The profile will include a unique DNA Profile number (form of permanent identification) that will appear on subsequently issued Registration Certificates and Pedigrees.

The AKC DNA testing does not determine a dog’s breed.

For more information on the AKC DNA Testing, contact us.


Genetic Testing for Dogs